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Pastor John MerksThe best way to describe my story is that it has been "a long and winding road." I was born in Wolfville Nova Scotia Canada on January 2nd, 1954. My parents were and still are devout Roman Catholics. My religious upbringing taught me there was a God and that His Son Jesus Christ died for my sins. The problem was that there are also a number of sacraments needed in order for me to go to heaven. I simply did not know for a certainty that I was going to heaven when I died.

After finishing university in 1976 I had my sights on becoming a bar tender in Saint John New Brunswick with the view in mind of getting into the "liquor industry." It was during this time that God used a Gideon and his wife to lead me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It was Saturday October 2nd, 1976 in Moncton New Brunswick. I made my public profession of faith in Jesus the very next day at a Baptist church in Moncton. I was baptized January 16th, 1977 in Saint John New Brunswick.

Well, that was a long time ago and I have many great experiences and a few regrets. After coming to Jesus I got married, left the teaching career, got a theological education, had three sons (John, David and Michael). I was ordained by Gander Baptist Church in Gander Newfoundland Canada on June 30th, 1983. I then served in a church in Moncton and was fired in March 1990. I then returned to teaching in Moncton New Brunswick.

It occurred to me in the late summer of 2004 that God called me to plant a church in Moncton. By this time I was married a second time to Lisa and have a step-son Austin. I spoke to several trusted friends and they encouraged me to follow the Holy Spirit's leadership in planting a church. Hence, I and several other believers were led of the Holy Spirit to establish Moncton Connection on May 1st, 2005.
What kind of church is it and what is it's mission?

We have lots of churches in Moncton so why another one? Planting a church has been demonstrated as the most effective means of reaching secular people. Secular people don't attend church on a regular basis. The best place to find them on Sundays is at Tim Horton's or Home Depot. They have no interest in "doing church." That's why our meetings are held on Sunday afternoons or at other times. So if you are attending a church regularly you won't find churchy people in our gatherings. Instead you will find people who are open to learning about God and His Son Jesus Christ.

However, over time Moncton Connection grew into a pastoral counseling ministry to people in Metro Moncton. The change came about when we discovered that many of the people we were reaching with the gospel of Jesus Christ needed counseling help to overcome the bad habits they had developed. Some were cohabiting and then decided to be married because of the new relationship they had with Jesus Christ. Some have extended family that died and for these I conduct funeral services. All and all Moncton Connection has grown from a church plant to a counseling ministry.

I continue to be supported by my core group. We meet regularly in our homes for prayer and Bible study in order to encourage each of us to continue to reach Greater Moncton through this counseling ministry. This ministry connects lost people to Jesus Christ through pastoral counseling.

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